You Might Hear Too Much

You Might Hear Too Much

Be a rock star for a while! Follow the singer and bassist Joachim Leksell – according to himself, ”a man and a social genius” – on a tour. The Fine Art Showcase and Dipper plays at bars in Germany and skate parks in Sweden, and Joachim guides us through all of it. We are thrown into his adventures, music, nights at the pub, homesickness, and an igloo in Dresden…

Längd: 30 min


Directors:                     Klara Levin, Joakim Polling

Starring:                       Joakim Leksell, medlemmar i banden The Fine Art Showcase och Dipper, mfl.

Photo:                          Joakim Leksell

Editing:                       Klara Levin, Joakim Polling




Malmö november 2012