We miss him here today

Domenique Strauss Kan falls asleep in the bathtub at a hotel. The cleaner doesn’t get any answer when she knocks at the door, so she enters his room…

This is a short film made within the project ”Ett skott från höften” 2011, at the same moment as the ”DSK-affair” had taken place. Klara was one of four directors chosen to make a film each, inspired by the same short story. She found that the DSK-story would fit in. All the directors were given a team, and had one day for shooting and one day for editing.

Lenght: 4 min, 26 sec. No english subtitles.



Director:                 Klara Levin

Actors:                    Vera Tosovic, Kaj G Jonasson

Voice-overs:           Fredrik Gunnarsson, Agnes Nilson

Foto:                        Joakim Strand

Sound:                     Nils Croné

Editor:                     Agnes Nilsson

Unit manager:       Molly Björkman

Initative:                Auto Images – Ett skott från höften


Premiere: 28 maj 2011, Ett skott från höften, Auto Images & Filmcentrum Syd, Malmö, Sweden.