Skåne and Islam on a Blind date

Carl P. Herslow has been the leader for Skånepartiet – a regional patriotic party – for 30 years. Laila Persson Suldan grew up in a Christian family but converted to Islam 20 years ago. Carl wants Skåne to be its own country and that it’s going to be ”free from Islam.” Laila lives, works and practice her religion in Skåne. What will happen when Carl and Laila meet each other?

”Skåne and Islam on a Blind date” is a documentary about two Swedes, about 60 years old, who prioritizes their values most in life. They live in their own separate worlds, but at the same time in the exact middle of one of the biggest debates of today.

Längd: 28min. In Swedish, No english subtitles.


Director:                    Klara Levin

Starring:                    Laila Persson Suldan, Carl P. Herslow

DoP:                          Klara Levin, Nils Ruthqvist

Boom operator:      Klara Levin

Editing:                    Klara Levin

Grading:                  Roberto Duerte

Mentor:                   Stefan Berg



FilmBar, Malmö, dec 2011

ARF Filmfestival, Malmö, nov 2011