Samhällssår – an antology

Samhällssår is an anthology made before the Swedish governmental elections in 2014. It contains 12 short films that all aims to encourage human rights in Swedish society. Klara Levin was the initiator and project leader of the anthology and it has several screenings with discussions and debates with politicians. All the films can be seen here, but unfortunately only in Swedish.


The filmmakers in Samhällssår are: Sarah Gampel, Drazen Kuljanin, Behrang Miri, Ewa Cederstam & Aziza Dhaouadi, Sven Blume, Johan Simonsson & Magnus Rutberg, Shiva Anoushirvani, Tobias Sjöberg, Danielle Liljeqvist & Moa Kjellstrand, John Belfrage, Maja Kekonius & Parvaneh Hajilou, Roxane von Gerber Hedayat & Moa Kjellstrand.