Love Me

I’m 25 years old and I don’t dare to talk about sex. That has to be changed! In this documentary you get to meet some youngsters that talk openly and honest about sex. We talk about masturbation, foreplay and orgasm, but most of all about feelings, worries and self-confidence. Love Me wants to encourage people to forget the pressure of performance and instead focus on lust and pleasure.

Längd: 30 min. In swedish, No English subtitles.


Director:          Klara Levin

Starring:           Miri Stryjan, Helena Brodin, Mårten Forsberg, Sofie Jacobssen, K.J. Andersson, Sofia Nicole Liceno, Mia Eriksson, Michael Shapira, Hanna Friman, Sebastian Fall, Jessica Bergman Fristedt

DoP:                 Klara Levin

Editing:           Klara Levin

Mentors:          Anna Cnattingius, Staffan Lindqvist – Ölands Folkhögskola

The film is screened at classes in sexual education in schools in Sweden. The film can be bought from:

Centrum för pedagogisk inspiration, Malmö Stad.

Filmcentrum Riks.