Crime City Love

CRIME CITY LOVE follows AlottaRiot, BitterFit, Bobicat and Fenix who are absorbed by the Roller Derby-life. They play in the league of Malmö, Sweden; the Crime City Rollers. They skate, sweat, hit, fall and get up again. Roller Derby is a tough sport on roller skates, and a sub-culture with its own rules. They have found a free zone where women have all the power, and there they want to stay.

Lenght: 55min 30sek. English subtitles.


CRIME CITY LOVE had it’s cinematic premiere in august 2013 and premiere in the Swedish TV – SVT, in september 2013.


Director:                        Klara Levin

Starring:                        AlottaRiot, Bobicat X3, BitterFit, Fenix Fortsomfan and Crime City Rollers

Photo:                            Klara Levin, Nils Ruthqvist

Boom operator:           Klara Levin, Erica Elfström, Kerstin Ubelacker, Joakim Polling, Magnus Natt och Dag

Light Designer:            Dana Lötberg

Editor:                           Klara Levin, Erik Bäfving, Marinella Angusti

Music:                            Ivar Boson

Graphics:                      Magdalena Ekström

Sound Design:             Martin Hennel

Grading:                       Michael Cavangh

Mentor:                        Åsa Ekman

Producer:                    Klara Levin, KlaraFilm

Co-producers:            SVT, Film i Skåne

Sponsors:                    Malmö Stad, Filmcentrum Syd, BoostHbg, Konstnärsnämnden